Multijet Class B Water Meters
Introducing the Multijet Class B Water Meter, crafted from durable brass with a vibrant blue powder-coated finish. Designed for precise water measurement, its accuracy of 2% ensures reliable results. Weighing 900 grams, it requires no power supply, making it efficient and eco-friendly. Trust it for accurate readings without any power consumption, ideal for various water monitoring needs.
Bulk Enclosed Type Water Meter
Discover the Bulk Enclosed Type Water Meter, offering versatility with sizes ranging from 40mm to 1000mm. With a sturdy build and blue powder-coated finish, it stands at 195mm in height, 170mm in length, and 110mm in width. Weighing 12-400 kilograms, it ensures accurate water measurement tailored to your industrial or commercial needs.
High Accuracy Flow Meter
Introducing the High Accuracy Flow Meter, designed for precise water measurement in various applications. With dimensions of 200mm in length and 165mm in width, it caters to sizes from 15mm to 600mm. Weighing 13 kilograms, its white and blue color scheme ensures visibility and aesthetics. Trust this reliable product for accurate flow measurement in your water systems.
Woltman Type Class B Water Meter
Introducing the robust Woltman Type Class B Water Meter, meticulously crafted for accurate water measurement. With dimensions of 250mm in length, 150mm in width, and 254mm in height, it ensures reliability in diverse applications. Weighing 18-400 kilograms, its blue powder-coated finish guarantees durability and visibility. Trust this meter for precise water monitoring in various settings.
Hot Water Meter
Introducing our Industrial Hot Water Meter, designed to optimize efficiency in boiler water systems. Coated in vibrant red powder, it boasts a sturdy build, weighing 15 kilograms. With dimensions of 254mm in height, 245mm in length, and 165mm in width, it's compact yet powerful, ensuring precise measurement and control for seamless operations.
Pulse Digital Output Water Meter
The Pulse Digital Output Water Meter offers precise water measurement, ideal for various applications. With a size range of 40mm to 600mm, it ensures accuracy across different flow rates. Measuring 165mm in width, 266mm in height, and 200mm in length, it's a versatile solution. Its weight varies from 12kg to 600kg, catering to diverse usage scenarios.
Ultrasonic Flow meter
The Ultrasonic Flow Meter, designed for water measurement, delivers accurate readings across a broad size spectrum from 15mm to 600mm. Standing at 82mm in height with a length of 200mm, it's compact yet efficient. Weighing 12kg, it's lightweight and portable. Its distinctive blue powder-coated finish ensures durability and visibility in any environment.

T Type Strainer (Dirt Box)
The T Type Strainer, also known as the Dirt Box, is an industrial essential for filtering debris from fluids. Available in sizes ranging from 40mm to 1000mm, it accommodates various applications. Weighing 8kg, with a length of 178mm and a height of 190mm, it ensures efficient filtration. Its durable blue powder-coated finish enhances longevity.
Kushal Electromagnetic Flow Meters
Kushal Electromagnetic Flow Meters, designed for precise flow measurement, cover sizes from 15mm to 600mm. With a length of 200mm, height of 290mm, and width of 130mm, they offer versatility. Weighing between 12kg to 600kg, they suit diverse applications. Their sleek white/blue design ensures visibility and reliability in various industrial settings.
Water Meter
The Water Meter, crafted from durable cast iron, is an essential component in water distribution networks. Its 80mm size makes it suitable for various utility applications. Featuring an analog display, it provides accurate readings of water consumption. As a reliable water meter product, it ensures efficient monitoring and management of water usage.
Flow Meter
The Flow Meter, constructed from stainless steel, is indispensable in industrial settings. Spanning sizes from 15 NB to 1500 NB, it caters to diverse flow requirements. Its distinctive white/blue color scheme ensures visibility. Weighing 12 kilograms and powered by a 220 VAC 50 Hz supply, it offers reliable and accurate flow measurement solutions.

Dirt Box Strainer
The Dirt Box Strainer, an industrial-grade solution, is essential for filtration in various settings. Sized at 40mm with a diameter of 145mm, it efficiently removes debris. Its sturdy cast iron construction ensures durability. With a striking blue powder-coated finish, it remains visible and resistant to corrosion. This new unit, 180 Perch in length, guarantees optimal performance.

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